Maximo Park tour with Mac III Profiles

Maximo ParkLighting and video designer for Maximo Park's latest sold-out UK tour is Stevie Marr who uses Martin MAC III Profiles, MAC 250 Washes and Atomic 3000 strobes in his design. Lighting supply is by Lite Alternative.

"I needed a quality laser effect without an actual laser because regulations prevent the crowd scanning effect that I really wanted," Marr says of his decision to eventually turn to the MAC III Profile for the look. Glen Johnson, who ran the show, recommended the MAC III for the job. They did that job and more."

Martin's 1500W MAC III Profile is being used extensively throughout the 2009 summer touring season (Elton John, Billy Joel, Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers to name a few).

"I have never used gobos with Maximo Park and have shied away from gobo looks for quite a few years now," explains Marr. "I'd never really seen a light that could do enough with gobos against the LED I've been using. It may just be nostalgia but since the demise of the Icon nothing has really caught my attention. Until now that is."

Marr has the MAC IIIs positioned across the upstage on 3m centres, working through an array of 16 upright LED tubes. "The electronic strobing of the MAC III is particularly effective for the fake laser looks," he states. "The wide zoom coupled with excellent optics help make big pictures out of a limited quantity of lights."

Lite Alternative's Gareth Pritchard and Ivan Ellison reported no trouble regarding any of the lighting equipment. Maximo Park wrapped up a sold out UK tour in late spring and are playing European and North American dates through October.