James Blunt “All the Lost Souls” World Tour

James Blunt “All the Lost Souls” World Tour

Paul Normandale again turns to MAC luminaires – including flexible MAC TW1

James Blunt is out on an extensive world tour in support of his second album “All the Lost Souls,” again under the lighting tutelage of Paul Normandale of Lite Alternative Design who is directing a rig of Martin MAC luminaires. Paul is lighting and set designer while Glen Johnson handles lighting direction and programming.

Paul’s typically extraordinary design involves frequent alternations of the look and feel of the stage through lighting with different visuals for each song. At his disposal are Martin MAC 700 series luminaires along with Martin MAC TW1 tungsten wash lights, which Paul has placed across the front truss for key lights, specials and even audience moves. 

The MAC TW1 is a silent, 1200 W tungsten wash light that is increasingly being specified on touring shows worldwide. It features a clean and even soft-edged beam, motorized zoom, rich CMY color mixing and can be run from either a built-in dimmer or external dimmer. 

Paul chose the MAC TW1s for their reliability, flexibility and the warmth of the tungsten halogen source. “Paul uses them to their full capabilities,” says Glen Johnson. “They are ideal for highlighting skin tones across the range of the band.” 

The TW1’s are outfitted with the narrow 14.5-27 degree lens option, which works well for their purpose, says Glen. “They generate a lot of interest from lighting crew and production personnel wherever we travel, even more than all the video and LED we have with us.”

Hard edge projection on the show is delivered by MAC 700 Profiles with MAC 700 Wash units (arena shows) and MAC 250 Washes (theatre venues) laying down the color. “The MAC 700 Wash’s color wheel speed is fantastic,” Glen comments, “and with its soft uniform beam edge this has to be my favorite Martin product at present.” Lighting supply for most of the dates outside the US is from Lite Alternative with Upstaging supplying the US leg.  

Glen acknowledges the support that the tour has had along the way. “As always thanks to Martin’s Mark Ravenhill for his continued support for us around the world. In fact, all the Martin staff wherever we go has given us more than we could ever ask for in help and support and that is why Paul continues to spec them on his designs.”

“All the Lost Souls” is truly a world tour having played in the UK, US and Europe earlier this year before stops in China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa. European festival dates begin in June, and then it is back to the US through the summer before returning to Europe this fall.

Lighting equipment:
22 x Martin MAC 700 Profile 
19 x Martin MAC 700 Wash (arena’s)
19 x Martin MAC 250 Wash (theatre’s)
6 x Martin MAC TW1 80v 
12 x 48way Colour Blaze
12 x Omni Photo Floods  
6 x 4 Lite Moles
2 x Wholehog III Console

Tour Manager:        Robert Hayden
Lighting Designer:    Paul Normandale
Lighting Director:        Glen Johnson

European Arena's – Lite Alternative Ltd (Worldwide Vendor)
Lighting Tech – Donny McDonald
Lighting Tech – Mike Sheppard
Lighting Tech – Andy Pollard

Support Lighting Vendors:

USA Tour – Upstaging
Lighting Tech – Chris Barclay

Australia – Bytecraft
Lighting Tech – Mick Buric
Lighting Tech – Angus Wimmer 
Lighting Tech – Chris Lawrence

Japan – Big 1 Lighting
New Zealand – Spotlight

Photos: © Allan Toft / Martin Professional; Copenhagen, KB Hall; March 22, 2008