Martin TW1's Crowded House World Tour 2007

Crowded House, featuring New Zealand singer-songwriter Neil Finn, have reunited for a world tour in support of the band's new CD, “Time on Earth,” their first new studio effort in 14 years.

Paul Normandale, who handled the lighting/set design in conjunction with the band, as well as lighting programming, has chosen to use the visual warmth of Martin’s MAC TW1 tungsten wash fixture (80v version) in lieu of conventional fixtures. The TW1's incandescent source is ideal for highlighting skin tones and textiles in set pieces.

Paul wanted a tungsten, warm fixture for front key light to cover an array of changing instrument positions and set pieces for a set list that encompasses an amazing back catalogue of 80 plus possible songs. 

The MAC TW1s are located on a front truss with MAC 700 Profiles and Washes on the mid and rear truss for definition and gobo/animation set wash. Paul likes the warmth of color and the balance against the rear MAC 700s. Lighting control is from a WholeHog III.

Lighting direction for the tour is handled by Glen Johnson. “The TW1s have been fault free for the tour,” he says, “and they are so quiet. They’re an exceptional tungsten fixture which everybody, especially the lighting crew, loves because they don’t have to climb anymore.

“The TW1s have already saved us thousands of dollars where a union crew was due to stay on till we focused the rig, but because we have the TW1s we don't need to climb and focus, so production were rather happy.”

Crowded House has just wrapped up a North American tour and is now playing European dates through the end of the year. Lighting supply for the North American leg was by Upstaging (console from Lite Alternative) with Lite Alternative handling the UK leg. Lighting supply in New Zealand will be handled by Spotlight with Bytecraft supplying in Australia. 

Lighting Designer:         Paul Normandale 
Lighting Director:         Glen Johnson 
Production Manager:        Daniel Choi

6 x Martin TW1 80v 
20 x Martin MAC 700 Profile
13 x Martin MAC 700 Wash
2 x Martin AF1 Fan
7 x Colour Blaze 72
12 x Omni Photo Flash Flood
9 x Colour Blast
6 x Thomas 4 Lites (Moles FT
2 x DF50
1 x Wholehog III Lighting Console
1 x Wholehog III Wing
36 Dimmer Channels, 6 Switch Channels

1 x 56ft flop and drop, 20 solenoids
1 x 56ft flop and drop, 20 solenoids
2 x 12ft flop and drop, 8 solenoids
1 x 40ft x 30ft Wallpaper Backdrop
1 x 40ft x 30ft Serpent Gauze/Silk Drop
2 x 12 ft x 30 ft Custom Gause/Silk Drops

2 x Half Mirror Balls
3 x Skyscraper, 1 x Caravan, 1 x Tree
1 x 56 ft truss
1 x 56ft box truss
3 x 20ft scaff poles
6 x 10ft mini beam spreaders
10 x 5ft snap braces
11 x 1 ton loadstars
3 x ¼ ton prostars

Photos: Steve Jennings